by Cloudsplitter

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released May 21, 2013

All music is written and preformed by Cloudsplitter. Produced by Dan Smotz with Universal Recording Company. Guest vocals on Empowerment by Dan Smotz. Artwork done by Randy Edwards Photography and XSTATIC Media



all rights reserved


CloudsplitterNE Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: Denial
Breaking through the void…
Bewildered by all I’ve seen…
Fleeting Kaleidiscopic imagery…
Of spirited geometry…
Chemical Transmisions…
Strangled by my own misconception..
Of what this means..
This is spiritual..
Astral energy..
Striving for..
Deep with reality..
Unearthly sentience starts spilling through..
It spills, its spills right through like a river let it flow within me..
Deeper into my mind,
An ocean creeps upon me..
If I can just push on through..
I May feel the sacred..
A voice begs me..
It speaks to me..
And tempts me..
Then it summons me..
Close your eyes.
I’ll show you some evidence(X2)
We are all one cosmic Intelligence
Look far and wide
Inside your mind(x2)
It is here we are all reborn(x2)
Embrace the human soul reach out and touch the sacred..
It has and always will be waiting…
It has and always will be waiting..
This place so warm and comforting..
The sacred has and always will be waiting..
Out beyond the greatest depths.
Hyperphysical dimensions start spilling through
They’ll spill right through
They’ll spill… let them flow within you
Track Name: Semi-Consciousness
Until the snake eats it’s tail,
Until you face your own reflection,
Until you breath the divine,
Our time is now,
Only if we can gaze beyond the shadows
The line is drawn,
Elevate our souls above the ground.
Can you
Feel this,
The light is breaking through the shadows,
Let it take you..
Swaying to the point of no return.
Track Name: Point of No Return
Will you forget me when you're
Standing before a field of crisis..
Harvest From within..
Awake, Arise
(We’re falling)
Down to the depths,
Into the hands,
(Of mortality)
Let yourself go to the moments
Illuminate the give of Intuition
Where is your will to live?

When we decide to follow Blindly
But we have ourselves and all the stars in the sky…
We will never make any progress unless we reconnect and become one
Our journey towards enlightenment
Strive for reEvolution
Our Journey towards
Has just begun
A battle that must be won
Awake and combine into one Conscious mind
An osmosis of soul,
Just let yourself go.
Track Name: Powerlessness
We are not of this world
A spark of life simply passing through
A Voyager,
A Traveler,
Chosen to witness and help create
An Ending, A new Beginning
Tear down the veil.
Rediscover who you are..
An Ancient wisdom that can shine on through
Elegant as its light comes crashing..
Through our eyes
Feel the light..
Our vessels
Vibration energy
Our consciousness is the receiver of
Electric magnetic frequencies
Pulsating wave lengths
Restoring our memory
Pulsating wave lengths
Spilling spiritual energy
Welcome to the sacred
Step out to
Transpersonal Understanding
Question who we are
We are not of this world
Dig Deeper
Track Name: Empowerment
Under a canopy of Psychedelic Chemistry
A voice speaks to me
Teaches me
The answers to all the questions I may ponder
A revelation of the beginning
And a genesis of the beginning
That’s where the visions began..
Intense Geometrics, Swirling
New Energies have awakened
As the data stream became more rapid
1000 lifetimes Flashed before me all so familiar
That’s when I knew the Visions had Truly begun
Visions of a new Dimension(X3)
As I became detached from myself
I realized I was eternal and had always been here
With the Silver chord guiding the way
I slowly drifted back into the source I once called home
Intense Geometrics Swirling
New Energies have awakened
Astonishment through an Understanding
Visions of a new Dimension
A Space beyond our own
A single Molecule Away
Look Beyond the cracks and meet your soul
Under A canopy of Psychedelic chemistry
A voice speaks to me
Teaches me
All the answers to the questions I may ponder
A revelations of our beginnings
And a genesis of our end
And that’s where I knew the visions had begun
This is just the beginning